What is the biggest change in Web development in the last 10 years?

Answer by Amogh Talpallikar:

JavaScript got simpler

Browser got smarter

Making your company’s website got easier

OpenSource became a lot cooler!

OAuth became mainstream

Web became more flexible with API based development

GUI got faster, stronger, better and fancier

Agile Development broke the niche

Cloud brought cheap computing powerhouse to developers

Wrapper over cloud made code deployment hassle-free

Web standard upgrade provided lots of power to the browsers

Mobile became common, The internet could fit in your pocket!

Distributed computing became a household name.
NoSQL movement started!

Web-pages turned one step closer to desktop apps

The future is functional programming!

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Swimming an Ocean: Motivation and Persistence in Massive Open Online Courses

Swimming an Ocean: Motivation and Persistence in Massive Open Online Courses


As I’ve discussed in a number of recent posts, MOOCs, or Massive Open Online Courses are a big phenomenon lately. A big issue of discussion with regards to MOOCs is the question of how to support motivation and persistence in Massive Open Online Courses.

This is a form of learning that works very well for certain groups of learners, but, traditionally, not so well for others. This…

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On MOOCs and Accreditation

On MOOCs and Accreditation

Recently Udacity, one of the major MOOC providers, announced that, in a shift in focus, it is eliminating certificates of completion for non-paying students. The free students can still look at materials and take part in activities, but if they want anything to show for it, the only option is to pay $150 a month as a verified student. The basic pdf certificates of completion that used to be made…

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Instructional Design and Technical Writing

Instructional Design and Technical Writing


What is the relationship between Instructional Design and Technical Writing? What is the difference between Instructional Design and Technical Writing?

Though Instructional Designers and Technical Writers will often work under the same roof or under the same team, and may collaborate on projects, they have typically been viewed as distinct jobs with distinct roles. However, recent…

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